October 2015

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Mycelium Running

When I began telling my friends and family that I was going to take a weekend-long mushroom growing class, I got some funny looks. And some suspicious looks. I don’t even like mushrooms. My friend Alan told me it was the most hippie thing I’ve...

Plant the garlic root down.

The First Plot

A while back, Stefanie wrote about our super important mission to rescue the garlic from our previous home’s backyard. It was written into the contract when we sold the home that we were to come back and harvest the garlic when it was ready. Through...


Time to Downsize!

Last week Stefanie and I sent our beloved cat, Sebastian, to Seattle with our equally beloved friend, Richard. Stefanie has had Sebastian since he was a kitten, so it might seem strange to suddenly ship him off to Seattle after 14 years. So why did...