Passion & Dedication


Jar of Grasshoppers Productions was created in hopes that we could use the power of film to educate our audience on important issues while simultaneously entertaining them. Our passions are many, but our mantra is simple. Live life to the fullest, but do so with care. We have a responsibility to care for the earth, each of its ecosystems, and all of its inhabitants. In paying mind to these simple things, perhaps we can assure a full life for generations yet to come.

We started out as a documentary production company. First with a short film about local food sources vs. the global food system. Next we were commissioned to make a film for Sierra Club about a small Oklahoma town affected by the harmful byproducts of coal fired power plants. Then we made a feature-length documentary about the history and decline of beloved horned lizards. These films may vary in subject matter, but they each carry a common theme of the importance of how we interact with the environment around us.

We’ve always been interested in doing what we can to lessen our own impact on the world around us, and making these films has only strengthened these views. And while we will continue making films, the company has evolved into a more of a lifestyle. We’re focussing more now on documenting the processes of living a greener, more sustainable life. We look forward to sharing that process with our audience.