What’s the Blog Deal?

What’s the Blog Deal?

In 2012 our production company finished the film “Where Did the Horny Toad Go?”, a documentary about the history and decline of the Texas Horned Lizard. My husband conveyed the importance of social media when promoting the film, but I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on the whole Twitter thing. I was interviewed about the film for both magazines and newspapers, but social media was always the monster under my bed that I tried to ignore for fear of being eaten up. Three years later I find myself with the same issue as we go on this huge homesteading journey of ours, except Twitter isn’t the only social media platform staring at me with its large bulging eye, we now have Pinterest and Instagram. (I thought these were just websites with images, how could this help promote our blog?)


I have been managing pretty well to avoid Twitter, Instagram and Pinterst until yesterday. Wednesday morning I attended The Oklahoma County Master Gardeners monthly meeting and our speaker was Dee Nash of Red Dirt Ramblings. Dee is a photographer, journalist, blogger, gardener and much much more. Her presentation was all about social media. Everything from Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram and you guessed it—Twitter. As the presentation began I found myself wondering, “Why are we getting a lecture on social media, we are gardeners?” I wanted to run for the door. Certain aspects of social media are unchartered territory and that one eyed monster just keeps coming after me.


Dee went on to talk about 1Password, which keeps all of your passwords safe and secure. The application also allows you to generate super complex passwords for banking accounts and such. Believe it or not, I already use 1Password, but not because I sought it out. My husband, Beau, is the tech genius in the house and he signed us up for it a few years back. 1Password seems to be a pretty good way of keeping the ever-growing list of sign on information under lock and key.


After the Master Gardener meeting my husband and I met up for lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots and came up with a game plan. We put together a social media calendar so that we are sure to stay on top of things, I joined Pinterest and for the first time in months my iPhone isn’t telling me that my phone can’t be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available. Come and get me internet and “I’ll eat you up!”

Stefanie Leland
  • Hey Stefanie, thanks for hanging in there with me. I actually like giving garden talks much better. However, I also like social media most of the time. If I can help you with anything let me know. I’m going to link to your blog online. I have a section called red dirt sisters. –Dee

    July 2, 2015 at 6:14 AM

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