Documenting Life’s Stories

Jar of Grasshoppers

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Our professional work deals a lot with documentary and commercial production. However, this blog will mostly serve as a way to document the biggest production of our lives so far: Transforming 20-acres of completely raw, wooded land into our homestead. All while living in a vintage Airstream Trailer.

Beau and Oliver Loo

The Loveable Loo

Back in 2008, Stefanie made her first documentary film entitled “Food for Thought.” It really is quite good, and I recommend you check it out on our project page. It’s about local food as an alternative to the global food system. The film begins with various introductions to the cast of characters, one of those characters being Ron Ferrell, now one of our dear friends. It was making this film that Stefanie first met Ron, and he opens with a great line about how he poops...

Sand plum jelly

It’s the jam…or uh…jelly

Chickasaw plum, Prunus angustifolia, sandhill plum, or more commonly sand plum. I am crazy passionate about many things in life and sand plum jelly is one of those things.   Sand plums can only be harvested one time of year and that time of year is now, so this past Saturday I along with my dad, Steve, and husband, Beau, spent fourth of July evening scouring the roads near where I grew up for ripe sand plums. The normal thicket that I harvest at is less than a...

Social Networks

What’s the Blog Deal?

In 2012 our production company finished the film “Where Did the Horny Toad Go?”, a documentary about the history and decline of the Texas Horned Lizard. My husband conveyed the importance of social media when promoting the film, but I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on the whole Twitter thing. I was interviewed about the film for both magazines and newspapers, but social media was always the monster under my bed that I tried to ignore for fear of being eaten up. Three...


We Have A Road!…Almost

It's been a long road. Or at least a long wait to get a road. When we bought our 20 acre patch back in April, we knew the first thing we'd have to do is get a road pushed in so that we could access it. We met with a local road builder, Mr. Wiley, and came up with the best location for a driveway to be pushed into the property so that we could begin clearing areas of the property. But then the rain...

Straw House 01

A Fibrous Diet

As some of you know, Beau and I attended a straw bale home building workshop this past week near Austin, Texas. The workshop was taught by Andrew Morrison of Straw Bale Innovations, and hosted by the owners of Belle Vie Farm & Kitchen, Perrine and Aubrey Noelke. The drive back home took us six and a half hours and all we did on that drive was reflect about the past week’s work and learning experience. A few days have passed now and as we do laundry...


Balin’ Out

This week we have just a brief entry for you as we find ourselves in Thrall, TX, which is just a bit Northeast of Austin. We’re here attending a hands-on straw bale house building workshop led by Andrew Morrison of StrawBale Innovations. Attending one of these workshops has been on our radar for a couple of years now, but we can finally justify it now that we’re going to be building our own in the near future. We don’t have a ton to report since...

Orange Tape

Orange Marks the Spot

Navigating through 20 acres of completely raw land can be a bit overwhelming. In fact, the very first time we walked the property, we kind of got lost. Though I guess there isn't such a thing as "kind of lost." We flat out got lost. We entered the property at one spot where we parked, and after we got a bit turned around, we ended up exiting quite a way from where we'd entered. It became clear pretty quickly that 20 acres was probably going...