Documenting Life’s Stories

Jar of Grasshoppers

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Our professional work deals a lot with documentary and commercial production. However, this blog will mostly serve as a way to document the biggest production of our lives so far: Transforming 20-acres of completely raw, wooded land into our homestead. All while living in a vintage Airstream Trailer.

Hero Garlic

Operation: Rescue Garlic

  This next story will probably sound a bit strange to some of you. Or most of you. But those gardeners out there will understand. On Friday afternoon I headed over to our old home on Hudson. I was set on digging the garlic up before it rotted in the ground after all of this rain we’ve been having here in Oklahoma. The new owner and I had an agreement that I could dig up the fig tree and the garlic. In fact, we worked it...

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The Shape of Things

We are in the process of doing a complete site analysis of our property with the guidance of our architect, Jeff Harper. We have had a several long phone conversations about the property with him and his girlfriend, Melissa Clark, who is also an architect. With the use of topographical maps, boundaries, and wind patterns we are starting to narrow down exactly where we will want to build our home.   Topographical maps have been very helpful because they give us an idea of grade of the land...

Little Engine

The Little Engine that Could(n’t)

This past weekend I finally installed a trailer hitch on my 2011 Subaru Forester. I’ve been wanting to do it since I got it…back in 2011. Because let’s face it, if we’re going to build a farm, we gotta haul stuff. And to haul stuff, you need a trailer hitch. As much as my wife Stefanie and I would like to buy an old farm truck to haul said stuff, every penny counts. Converting 20 acres of completely raw land into a utopian farmstead will...

International CU-Contrast


Now that we have our fabulous 20 acres our goal has been to get onto the property as soon as possible for a few reasons. Firstly, we're beekeepers. Our bees are located just a few feet away from my father in law, Cappy’s swimming pool and we want to get them moved before pool season, which is only a month or so away. Secondly, we miss our chickens. Beatrice, Toni, Lulu, Dawn, and Eve are in foster care thanks to our dear friends Kevin and...

Capitol Reef

A New Beginning

My husband, Beau and I were all set to move out of our small 1950’s Oklahoma City home into a larger historic home in Linwood just a few miles away in January of 2015. This all came into motion after the arrival of our son, Oliver. We were feeling cramped and wanted to have more room to stretch our legs both inside and out. Fast forward two and a half months and one cat urine infested house later we have found ourselves living with my...