Living a lie…kind of.

Living a lie…kind of.

Since April of 2015, we’ve been writing about our adventures in selling our home, buying 20 acres, starting a farm, and eventually building a home. The header of our blog tells you right there: “…this blog will mostly serve as a way to document the biggest production of our lives so far: Transforming 20-acres of completely raw, wooded land into our homestead. All while living in a vintage Airstream Trailer.” It’s that last part about living in the Airstream that’s a lie. Not a deliberate lie, just maybe one of those “cart before the horse” kind of lies.


Even when being super productive, it’s easy to focus on what hasn't been done yet,


There for a long while, we were blogging each and every week about our progress. At times the entries didn’t report a lot of progress. Sometimes writing a blog was a way for us to vent about what wasn’t happening. Other times we wrote about the philosophies and methods we want to incorporate on the farm. I even wrote a blog about downsizing our belongings because we were about to move into the Airstream. Talk about cart before the horse! In January we wrote about our year in review. In that entry we talk about how even though things seemed not to be happening, they really were! Then in February, we finally had our road! If you had been following our progress up until that point, you’d have known that the road was something that just kept not happening. So it was a huge milestone when it happened!


Instagram Sample

A sampling of recent images from our instagram feed. Find us @TheTwentyFarm.


Since then so much has happened, yet we found it difficult to find the energy to write about our progress. In March we wrote about how we’ve been spending money like crazy, but all for the better. Since that last entry, we’ve built our studio shed, had our solar array installed, a water well has been drilled (nothing is more beautiful than water being pumped by the sun), we’ve had one grain silo we bought blow away in a tornado, bought another one (that is now fastened down very tightly), started a large tomato garden, installed a gate to the property, bought lots and lots of chickens and guineas, we had an awesome mobile chicken coop built for them out of an old truck bed trailer, we built an outhouse, and we even built a giant shelter for our airstream! Whew! You see, even writing all of that out right there makes it seem like we’ve been super productive, yet it’s easy to focus on what we haven’t done yet, which is move into our airstream. Granted it’s just one thing we haven’t done out of all those other things we have done, but it’s a big one. And it’s something we’ve been waiting to do since last April of 2015.


In the end we are liars. But not by choice.


The fact is, it’s a 36-year-old airstream. And even though we had it in our possession for well over a year, we never had it thoroughly tested. So the weekend we finished our shelter, we took the airstream out there, hooked it up to water, and promptly unhooked it from water. You see, water started spewing out from everywhere beneath the unit. And a little leaked inside. And then caused the electric to trip. And then we discovered two GIANT holes beneath it where all the insulation had been torn out (still not sure how those got there, but they be big). So it seemed like a pretty good idea to have it hauled in to a service center for a good old fashioned inspection. The first thing they told me after conducting the inspection was that it caught on fire while testing the propane! Fortunately the fire was small, and they noticed it and put it out immediately. But there was still a laundry list of about 40 things or so that needed attention. So, yeah. That sucked. But had the water not spewed out everywhere when we hooked it up, we may have moved in, fired up the propane, and then potentially could have lost everything. We figure since this thing is going to be our home, it’s probably best to spend some extra time and money to get it up to proper, non-flammable working order.


Airstream Family Portrait_Warm

When we first bought our Airstream, Dori!


So yes, in the end we are liars. But not by choice. And as you can see, a lot has happened since the last time we wrote an update. And while we’ve been keeping things updated on our instagram and facebook pages, we’ve neglected the OG. I’m confident that things will continue to progress, and that our airstream will be in proper working order very soon (my god, I hope so). In the meantime, we’ll keep lying about it. Stay tuned…

Beau Leland

Beau Leland is a video editor working in Oklahoma City. He has worked with his wife, Stefanie Leland, on various documentary projects, and now focuses much of his energy on developing their 20-acres into an organic farmstead.

  • I LOVE this update! And I totally “get it.” You guys are doing great things – I am so happy I met you! <3

    I hope I get to visit sometime…

    August 25, 2016 at 9:43 AM
  • Michael Kennedy

    It’s all about progress, not perfection. Hey man, you are actually doing it! Like Muir…Just drop it and go, be there in it!” Proud of you two love birds.

    August 25, 2016 at 12:06 PM
  • We’re all liars…at least you guys are hardworking well-intentioned talented liars. 😉 Keep it up guys, we love what you’re doing and are always inspired to see your progress!

    August 25, 2016 at 4:08 PM
  • BB and James

    So encouraging and refreshing – and exciting – to be updated on how you guys are doing! We love you land and your airstream and already love your chickens and guineas, Keep up the awesome work, and keep in mind you have more support than you know! x

    August 25, 2016 at 4:46 PM
  • Found your blog while looking for the beloved horned lizards of my childhood. Enjoyed reading about people doing the right things for the right reasons. The Bible is full of stories about God testing our grit. Remember, what don’t kill us makes us stronger. Looking forward to future posts & progress.

    August 26, 2016 at 11:26 PM
  • Julie Rowell

    It’s not a lie it’s just life. The truth is that you keep moving toward your goal, learning and growing with each obstacle. You two will make it because you are working together to make it happen.

    August 27, 2016 at 7:55 AM

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