Suitable Digs

Suitable Digs

This past weekend, Stefanie and I visited one of our favorite camping sites in Santa Fe. It was really the first vacation we’d taken by ourselves since Oliver was born. On top of it being another great camping trip, we ended our stay in Santa Fe at a place called Suitable Digs. Or as I like to think of, Inspiration Central.


Suitable Digs is a group of unique green vacation lodgings located on a lovely piece of land just 10 minutes from the downtown Plaza. We just happened to find it on, not having any idea how amazingly appropriate it would be for us. The owner, Lisa, has transformed the 2.5 acre chunk of barren New Mexico property into an incredibly productive oasis. It is really remarkable how much she’s been able to accomplish on her own over the years (along with her incredibly handy friend, Danny). She started by moving her old post and beam house from New Hampshire about 30 years ago, and has been perpetually been working on it until a few years ago. Over time she started adding additional living spaces around the property, including a 30-foot long Spartan travel trailer, not too different from our 28-foot long Airstream we’ll be living in soon. We opted not to stay in the Spartan, though we did get to take a tour of it, and it was super cool.


The Spartan Digs!

The Spartan Digs!


We just stumbled onto this place. We could only secure two nights at our campsite, and we knew we didn’t want to end our trip in a hotel. We had no idea when we booked our room at Suitable Digs that it would be so inspirational to what we’re doing now with transforming a barely habitable 20 acres into what will hopefully end up being a hearty, healthy, productive homestead. When Lisa started her adventure at Suitable Digs, the property was all but worthless. She had poor soil and almost zero infrastructure (if any at all). Until about thirteen years ago, Lisa didn’t know what to do with the outside because of the poor soil. Flash forward 13 years and she has a one of the most lush gardens I’ve ever seen. On top of that, Suitable Digs is 100 percent solar powered, utilizes water catchment and grey water systems, and practices sustainability to the finest detail. Even the sponge she provided for the kitchen sink was completely biodegradable. We cannot recommend Suitable Digs highly enough if you ever need a place to crash in Santa Fe. And here’s hoping that a few years down the line, we’ll have some suitable digs of our own out at The Twenty.


Beau Leland

Beau Leland is a video editor working in Oklahoma City. He has worked with his wife, Stefanie Leland, on various documentary projects, and now focuses much of his energy on developing their 20-acres into an organic farmstead.

  • Debbie

    Now that is awesome. Love it.

    September 17, 2015 at 5:55 PM
  • One of my favorite places in the world is Santa Fe.
    So glad you blogged about Suitable Digs.
    I have never heard of it.
    Great writing!!!!

    September 23, 2015 at 4:08 PM

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