After months of working, Beau and I decided to go back to my hometown, Canute, OK, for the Thanksgiving holiday. He, Oliver and I were all in need of a get away together and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to spend time with my folks and relax. The goal? Sit, drink beer, eat well, and watch a few movies. We arrived to their home the evening before Thanksgiving and we were having a good time, but by the next night we were full into our electronics. All of us were dabbling in some form of technology indulgence be it our phones, the television, our computers or our music library. I was on my phone less than usual as I had a break from work and my intentions were to not monitor my email and calls regularly. While all of our electronics are fun, sometimes there is just a need to check out and enjoy silence and minimal stimulus.


On Friday there was a winter storm on its way, so we decided to stay and wait out the storm. When we woke Saturday morning, an ice storm was in full swing and we were without electricity. Honestly, I wasn’t fazed much by the storm as we’ve been through this many times over the years. The next few days were simple, relaxing, and silent. That morning when we woke my dad had the fireplace going and my mom was prepping breakfast. I joined right into helping, because making biscuits, eggs and potatoes on a wood-burning stove is a welcome challenge these days. Cooking on top of a fireplace isn’t the norm and regulating the temperature is a whole lot different than the low-medium-high of a stovetop or the bake at 350°F on your oven.



Throughout the weekend we cut up broken tree limbs, gathered firewood, cooked on the stovetop, and found creative ways to make the most of the oil lanterns and candles that were available. Luckily the water heater ran on gas, so low lit showers were easy to come by. One of the best things that we cooked was a pot of pinto beans and buttermilk cornbread. We are going to attempt these recipes this Friday with the standard kitchen appliances, but I doubt we will be able to live up to the epic impromptu pot of beans and buttermilk cornbread from the Thanksgiving of 2015.


Written on my laptop while laying next to my husband who is also on his laptop.

Stefanie Leland
  • Unplugged can be very good.~~Dee

    December 18, 2015 at 9:51 AM

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