“Where Did the Horny Toad Go?” DVD For Sale!

Buy the DVD of “Where Did the Horny Toad Go?” HERE!




We at Jar of Grasshoppers Productions are excited to announce the DVD release of “Where Did the Horny Toad Go?”. We have had very successful screenings of the film in both Tucson and Oklahoma City and hope to continue to show the film in theaters around the Southwestern United States, but in the meantime you can obtain a copy to watch at home!

The trailer for the film is below!

The DVD comes in a cardboard “eco-wallet” sleeve, and is riddled with artwork from our animator, Shawn Downey.  It features English subtitles, scene selections, and multiple trailers for the film.  Visit our store by clicking on the photo above!  And pick up yourself a “Where Did the Horny Toad Go?” shirt while you’re at it!


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4 Responses to “Where Did the Horny Toad Go?” DVD For Sale!

  1. Philip Smith

    I seriously wanted to know the answer to that question. As a child I accepted the abundance of Horny Toads and have noted in recent years that they have disappeared. At least they disappeared from Oklahoma City and surrounds. This movie gives the perfect response to that question in an entertaining and informative way. I caught the film at the deadCenter film festival in Oklahoma City.

  2. Hi Phillip! Thanks for attending the deadCENTER screening and for all of your positive comments about the film.


  3. Great work and entertaining as well.

  4. Thanks, Cathy!!! Glad you enjoyed the film!


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